Wednesday, March 24, 2010

new teacher appreciation gift and tiny hammered hand stamped custom jewelry

this was a custom request and i love how it turned out. tiny 3/8" stamped disc layered on top of a 1/2" hammered disc. perfect length on a 16" chain.

teacher appreciation week is approaching and i came up with this for some special teachers at our school. "teachers shape the future" hand stamped on a 1" sterling circle with a sterling apple charm centered in the middle.
both in my shop.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new secret message locket hand stamped domed personalized necklace

two 3/4" discs domed cupping a secret message or your loved one's names. choice of swarovski crsytals and finished with a satin finish. choose from your choice of design stamp on the outer cup. in my shop.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

new font for hand stamped jewelry

*click for a more accurate view

i finally had a chance to show my available fonts, including my new typewriter font. :)
i unfortunately had to watermark it. i noticed the crystal chart i spent hours creating has been swooped up by various other hand stampers to use for their own. oh well. actually i would be happy to share, if they asked. :0)

i've also made a few little rings for my girls, which was fun. hopefully i can get some listed soon.
i also ordered gold filled items. but, have decided to send them back. i don't love the look of them. i see a hint of copper, which is what they are filled with i believe. it's not the look i'm in love with. so, someday, maybe 14kt!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

some new designs custom hand stamped necklaces SHINY SHINY

custom hand stamped 5/8" disc and long 1.25" tab with choice of word or name. this was a custom necklace that i broke up into several different designs. ;)

i spent a lot of time sanding and polishing each charm to achieve a shiny mirror finish. i'm pretty sure i don't have fingerprints anymore on my right hand ;0)

and three tabs the same length, about 3/4" long.

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